Three reasons to do ... cleans

The move: Cleans

Three reasons to do it now

• It builds power: "The entire move is generated from the hips, which include the strongest muscles in your body: your glutes, quads and hamstrings," said Jennifer Reed, the owner and coach of Atlas CrossFit in Chicago. This will translate to more-explosive movements on the basketball court and soccer field.

• It trains you to transition that power: "Football players are notorious for doing cleans because the move strengthens their ability to quickly relay power from their lower body to their upper body," said exercise physiologist Tom Holland, the author of "Beat the Gym". "Cleans will train your muscles to become more efficient at firing in the correct sequence to do just that."

• To baby your joints: This move offers similar benefits as plyometric exercises -- greater power, stronger bones and increased lower-body strength -- but cleans are easier on your joints since they don't require you to leave the ground.

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