Best deodorants for your sport

Never let them see you sweat? Get out of here with that! If you're not glistening, you're not working hard enough. But during a game or competition, the last things you want to worry about are pit stains or stink. That's where a good antiperspirant comes into play. Look for active ingredients that contain aluminum, such as aluminum chloride, aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex glycine and aluminum hydroxybromide. "They should be at the beginning of the list of ingredients on the back of the product," said Dr. Susan Stuart, a dermatologist in San Diego. But stopping sweating and odor is just the baseline protection. Below, we've matched the latest pit sticks with different sports -- so find your game, then keep your cool.

If you play ... basketball, volleyball or other team sports on indoor courts
Try: Secret Natural Mineral ($4.29)
Why: At close quarters, you really want a deodorant that works. This one contains calcium carbonate (yes, the same ingredient in calcium supplements and antacids), which works to help neutralize odor rather than just mask it.

If you play ... tennis, soccer or other sports with nice uniforms
Try: Lady Speed Stick Stainguard in Silky Chiffon ($2.99)
Why: This sweat blocker is designed to fight yellow stains and white residue, which can ruin a crisp, clean uniform. How? The patent-pending Stain Defense technology includes a nifty gelling system that helps the antiperspirant/deodorant adhere to your skin, instead of rubbing off onto your top.

If you do ... Gymnastics, strength training or any sport that emphasizes your arms
Try: Dove Ultimate Go Sleeveless Antiperspirant/Deodorant ($4.88)
Why: In addition to blocking sweat (and funk) for 24 hours, this stick prevents moisture loss and chafing; it's pumped with nourishing moisturizers, including vitamins E and F from sunflower oil.

If you're a ... Triathlete, marathoner, hiker, cyclist or long-haul athlete overall
Try: Suave 24-Hour Protection Invisible Solid in Cocoa Butter ($3.99)
Why: If you're on the pavement for hours at a time, this stick might be your best odor-fighting bet. The concentration of its sweat-and-odor-fighting ingredient, aluminum tetrachlorohydrex GLY, is a whopping 18 percent (nearly the maximum allowed by the FDA in nonprescription formulas). Plus, the antiperspirant lasts all day.

If you ... Hike, rock climb, dance, ice-skate or stop and start during your activity
Try: Degree Motion Sense ($5)
Why: While most antiperspirants are activated by sweat, this sci-fi-like one is activated by motion. Microencapsulated fragrance technology releases a burst of protection when it senses movement. Deodorant with a brain. Works for us.

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