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    Foudy: Five stunning World Cup moments

    From America's highs to defending champion Spain's lows, Julie Foudy sinks her teeth into the top moments at the 2014 World Cup as the tournament wraps up in Brazil.

    Jul 11 8:48 PM ET | By Julie Foudy

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    Fagan: Why FIFA needs female leadership

    Can FIFA be fixed? Can it repair its reputation? Soccer's governing body needs fundamental change, and that means making women an integral part of the process.

    Jul 8 2:07 PM ET | By Kate Fagan

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    Foudy: Jurgen Klinsmann's big ploy

    Don't tell Americans we can't win. Now, with a whole nation chanting "I believe" behind them, the U.S. men actually believe they can beat Belgium and move on in the World Cup.

    Jul 1 4:36 PM ET | By Julie Foudy

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    Foudy: World Cup is hot, beautiful mess

    With an American coach who was born in Germany and a melting-pot roster of stars, the U.S. team that will run onto the field Thursday epitomizes the wonderful diversity of the World Cup.

    Jun 25 3:13 PM ET | By Julie Foudy

  • World Cup USA The Yanks Poster

    Team USA Soccer Poster: The Yanks. ESPN commissioned Brazilian artist/designer Cristiano Siqueira to create a series of 2014 FIFA World Cup Posters.

    Jun 20 4:30 PM ET | By Cristiano Siqueira