Consistency is key for Christine Sinclair

The beginning of the Women's Professional Soccer season has been very successful for me personally and for my team, the Western New York Flash. After three games we are first in the league, and I have scored four goals, which also leads the league.

However, with the World Cup this summer quickly approaching, I am leaving my club team for the next couple of weeks to compete in Europe with my (Canadian) national team. This is always very difficult because no matter what, you feel as if you are letting people down. In this case, it is the Flash.

I know that my number one focus for the next couple of months is the World Cup. At practice I find myself doing extra work, with or without the ball, because I know that is what my competitors are doing. If you hope to be the best in the world, you have to work and train the hardest.

A coach I once had said that you have to train every day the same way you want to play in the important matches. Now that doesn't mean you have to physically kill yourself every day -- that won't get you anything except burn-out and injuries -- but your focus and desire to improve has to be there every day. If there is one aspect of my game I have worked to improve over the past year or so, I truly believe it is this: consistency.

When I was younger, I knew I was talented and was able to rest on those laurels. But when you are playing with and against the best players in the world, everyone is just as talented as you are. So I had to focus on working hard and "showing up" every day, consistently.

With the World Cup opener less than two months away, I am trying to train every day at the same level I expect to play at on June 26th against Germany.

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