Christine Sinclair's fact sheet

Anytime I do an appearance with young kids, I do a question and answer segment where they can ask anything. I like doing this because it is an excellent way for the kids to get to know you. I thought I would do the same for espnW so my fans here can get to know me, too.

Here are some of the typical questions that I usually get asked:

My birth date: June 12, 1983.

Where I'm from: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

How old I was when I started playing soccer: 4.

Other sports I played growing up: Baseball and basketball.

Siblings: I have an older brother, Michael.

City I'd would like to live in: Either Portland, Ore., or Vancouver, Canada.

My favorite number: 12.

My favorite color: Purple.

My favorite singer: Brandi Carlile.

My favorite movie: "The Shawshank Redemption."

My favorite TV show: "Grey's Anatomy," or anytime the Vancouver Canucks are on.

Car I drive: A black VW Jetta GLI D.

My dream car: A BMW M3.

My favorite soccer team: Liverpool.

My favorite player: Steven Gerrard.

University I attended: University of Portland.

My favorite food: Korean barbecue.

My favorite vacation spot: Hawaii.

Country I would like to visit: England.

Sun or snow: Usually snow.

Any pets? I have a dog. A Pomeranian, named Nutmeg.

Name of my first soccer team: South Burnaby Bees.

Unknown fact: I can't wink and I can usually be found at Starbucks.

If I didn't play soccer: I would probably be a physical therapist.

Superstitions before a game: I must listen to Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror," and I have to put my left shoe on before my right.

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