Christie Rampone prefers to lead by example

In the Pro's Questionnaire, our favorite sports figures take an abridged version of the famous personality test, the Proust Questionnaire. U.S. women's national soccer team defender Christie Rampone is up. She talks about her children, her appetite for New York style pizza, and her admiration for our armed forces.

What is your main fault?
Christie Rampone: That my leadership ... sometimes I'm not the rah-rah person we need. I'm more through setting example and being behind the scenes. I could do a better job with that.

What is your idea of happiness?
CR: Being with my family.

What is your idea of misery?
CR: Misery would be something bad happening to my children.

If you were not able to be yourself, who would you most like to be?
CR: Wow. Probably I'd want to be an entertainer, a singer ... I'm not sure who.

What is your favorite food and drink?
CR: Food would be pizza, New York style, and drink, if I'm not trying to hydrate, I'd go for a Coke.

Who is your hero?
CR: So many, I feel like. I'd go with our armed forces.

What do you hate the most?
CR: I hate small-minded people.

What is a talent you wish you had?
CR: I wish I could dance.

What is your greatest fear?
CR: My greatest fear is not to be able to provide for my children.

What is your greatest extravagance?
CR: Hmm. Who made up these questions? (Working on) my athleticism.

What is your most treasured possession?
CR: My children.

What is your state of mind right now?
CR: Confident.

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