Hedo Turkoglu shows no fear

In the Pro's Questionnaire, our favorite sports figures take an abridged version of the famous personality test, the Proust Questionnaire. Orlando Magic forward Hedo Turkoglu is up and reveals his love for his native food, along with his thrifty and family-oriented sides.

Your main fault:
Hedo Turkoglu: You have to ask [coach] Stan [Van Gundy] that question. I guess he hates when I do something wrong on defense or make turnovers or a bad pass. He gets mad at me.

Your idea of happiness:
HT: I'm happy all the time. Being with my family makes me happy too.

Favorite food and drink:
HT: I'm Turkish so I love my own traditional foods. There are plenty that utilize meats and seafood.

Hero/heroine you admire the most:
HT: My father. He taught me a lot about being a man and taking care of yourself. I started playing when I was 11, and when I was 16 I was playing professionally. He taught me how to treat people with respect. He would always tell me, how you treat people is how it will come back to you.

The natural talent you'd like to be gifted with:
HT: God blessed me with this talent to play basketball and I'll stick with that. I started really early and I came this far, so I will stick with it.

Your present state of mind:
HT: I feel great. It's a new day. I'm alive.

Your greatest fear:
HT:I don't have fear at all.

Your greatest extravagance:
HT: (While wearing a diamond-like stud earring) It's not that expensive, it's just really shiny. I don't have much that is expensive. Really, I try to manage myself and not spend much money. Besides my family, I don't care about all that stuff.

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